We at Global Action Plan know from experience that people find it easier to make changes when they’re part of something bigger where other people are making changes too. That’s why we are running the Derbyshire Eco Challenge with Derbyshire County Council, to engage as many people as possible in making changes in their daily lives for our common future.

By joining the Derbyshire Eco Challenge you'll receive two emails each month:

  1. an introduction to this month's topic with a list of suggested actions
  2. a request for top tips for the next topic.

Some of the tips may be new to you; others may be ones that you’ve been meaning to do for a while. A lot of people find that working with other people like this gives them the motivation to make changes.

The Challenge runs from September 2011 to March 2012 but you can join at any time. You'll find all the previous challenge topics on the website when you register. Entry is completely free and you can opt out of the Challenge at any time. On completion of the Challenge we'll make suggestions for other actions you can take in your local community. You'll can also join our mailing list.

Join the Derbyshire Eco Challenge today or contact us if you still have questions.

Derbyshire Eco Challenge is run by Global Action Plan and supported by Derbyshire County Council. We are also running EcoTeams in Derbyshire as a further way that people can get together in their community to make a difference.